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Microsoft Excel offers a free add-on called “Excel Fuzzy Lookup” that makes joining two data sets easy.  This tool will allow you to match records based on the a certain level of similarity. The Fuzzy Lookup Add-on from Microsoft Excel can be downloaded here.  With Microsoft Excel Fuzzy Lookup installed, it is easy to join over data from RainKing.  This tool is valuable on the following use cases:

  • Matching contacts with no emails to RainKing contacts.
  • Matching a list of your organizations against RainKing companies. We also encourage to you use RainKing’s dedicated import tool, Smart List, within our platform.
  • Append missing fields in an Excel file.

The below video provides an overview of how to match data from RainKing over to your own data using Microsoft Excel fuzzy lookup:

With Microsoft Excel Fuzzy Lookup installed in your Excel, any column or combination of columns can be used to match RainKing data over to your own.

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