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How can I match my data to RainKing’s?              

Many of our clients ask how they can match the data in their CRM or other system to RainKing’s data to understand coverage overlap or for appending information (Number of Employees, Revenue, etc.) from RainKing back to their data.  Data imports can be run in RainKing under the Tools>SmartList section:


Imports can be run matching on Email Address for People or Company Name, Website or DUNS for Companies through our tool Smart List.

For more advanced matching (i.e. matching to find an email address where you currently do not have one) or appending (i.e. to append RainKing data to your own) the best option tends to be Microsoft Excel.  Microsoft Excel offers a free add-on called “Excel Fuzzy Lookup” that makes joining two data sets easy.  The Fuzzy Lookup Add-on from Microsoft Excel can be downloaded here.  With Microsoft Excel Fuzzy Lookup installed, it is easy to join over data from RainKing.  RainKing people or company data can be exported from RainKing to Microsoft Excel by selecting records for export then selecting the Microsoft Excel action button:


The below vieo provides an overview of how to match data from RainKing over to your own data using Microsoft Excel fuzzy lookup:


With Microsoft Excel Fuzzy Lookup installed in your Excel and Excel exports from RainKing any column, or combination of columns, can be used to match RainKing data over to your own.

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