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RainKing’s Hubspot webhook can be added as a workflow on form submissions in Hubspot so that additional data from RainKing is appended to the Contact’s record on import.  To integrate RainKing’s Hubspot webhook with your Hubspot web forms, follow these instructions:

Create a form in Hubspot with Email Address as a required field (or use a form you already have):

Hubspot 1.jpg

Add this form to a landing page and host where you want people to find and fill-out the form:

Hubspot 2.jpg

The form will now be available on the Internet:

Hubspot 3.jpg

In Hubspot, create a workflow so that when this form is filled out the action is to trigger the RainKing webhook:

Hubspot 4.jpg

Make the workflow active, then go to the form and add an email address from RainKing:

Hubspot 5.jpg

The record, with just the limited data from the form, will enter your Hubspot instance, then trigger the RainKing webhook and RainKing will append all additional data for the record in your Hubspot:

Hubspot 6.jpg

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