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A step-by-step of how to add leads exported from RainKing to CRM directly to a Campaign in your CRM instance.

Steps to Setup:

You can create a Campaign in Microsoft Dynamics CRM under Marketing >> Campaigns then click to create a New Campaign:


Pic 1.png


With a Campaign in place, you can associate RainKing Leads to this Campaign by using a Process. Processes are in Dynamics under Settings >> Processes and select to create a New Process:


Pic 2.png


Name the Process and set it as a Workflow that applies to Leads. Select to “Check Condition” and the “if” clause is “If Lead Source = RainKing:”


Pic 3.png


Save and Close this Condition, then select to Add Step to Update Record:


Pic 4.png


“Set Properties” for this Lead to update the Campaign to align with your Campaign:


Pic 5.png


Activate this Process. As Leads are sent from RainKing to Dynamics CRM with Lead Source = RainKing, they will be added to this Source Campaign:


Pic 6.png


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