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RainKing’s Industry Translator installs all RainKing Industries in your Salesforce with mappings to allow you to write in your Industry name for each RainKing Industry.  For example, RainKing may call the Industry “Financial Services” while you call the Industry “Banking”.

Steps to Setup:

Install this package:

After installing the package map the Industry field from RainKing to the newly installed RK_Industry_c field in your Salesforce.


Scroll to the bottom of field mappings and map Lead Source 3 to the field ‘Translate_RK_Industry_c” in your Salesforce. Add the value Yes to this field. 


Click to Validate, Test and Save these field mappings.


In your Salesforce go to the new tab, “RK Industry Translations”. Click New, then add in your translations for RainKing’s Industries.



Import records from RainKing and the Industry values will update according to your translation.

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