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A mail merge is a process used to create personalized emails for mass mailings. The feature is usually operated with a word processing document which contains fixed text and variables which act as placeholders that are replaced by text from the data source. The data source is typically an Excel spreadsheet which has a field or column for each variable in the template.

Mail merges are helpful for sending emails en mass to potential or current clients.

Steps to create:

Open your Excel document to make sure you have two columns with names and emails. They must have titles, name, and email at the top of each column.

 mail merge.jpg

Once you have finished formatting your Excel document, save it as a .csv (Comma delimited) file.

 mail merge.2jpg.jpg

Open a new Word document and select the mailings tab. 

 mail merge 3.jpg

Under the mailings tab, select start mail merge.  Under start mail merge, select email messages.

mail merge 4.jpg

Type a message you wish to merge to your target audience in the body of the word document.
  mail merge5.jpg

Click Select Recipients and choose “Use an existing list.”

 mail merge 6.jpg

Choose the .csv (comma delimited) file you saved.  

  mail merge 7.jpg

Find the place where you would like word to insert the different names of your list of contacts and select insert merge field. Choose ‘name’.
 mail merge 8.jpg

Once you are satisfied with your message, click finish and merge and select send email messages.

mail merge 9.jpg

A prompt will appear.  Make sure the To: field is on email and the Mail format: is HTML.  Enter in your subject line and click okay to send this email to a targeted list of contacts.  They will each receive the same message, but it will address each of them individually.

mail merge X.jpg

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