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After completing a Smart List project you can extract the results and convert back into excel.

How it can help

Identify the RainKing name

Identify the accounts that RainKing failed to match on

Steps to create

Step 1: Open your Smart List and select the filters that you want in your Excel doc (Strong, Exact, Etc.). Set the results per page to 1000. Copy all rows (if you start highlighting and drag your cursor all the way to the right—this will highlight all the way down without having to scroll)


Step 2: In Excel—Right click on cell A1. Choose the paste option that is “Match Destination Formatting”. Do NOT use Ctrl+V—your Excel will crash.



Step 3: This is what your results will look like. Delete columns A and B.


Step 4: Put your curser in cell A1 where it says “Source” and navigate to “Sort & Filter” in the top right corner of your page. Select “Filter”.




Step 5: In column A, select the carrot to reveal the dropdown. Unselect the “RainKing” filter.

Your results will look like the below, with only the rows that had “Import” next to them.



Step 6: Put your curser in cell A1 and use CTRL+A to select all of the data in columns A through E. Copy this and paste it into Sheet 2. Delete Columns A, C, D, E.


Step 7: Back in Sheet 1—Use the dropdown again to now unselect “Import” and select “RainKing”


Step 8: Copy and Paste this data starting in Column B of Sheet 2.


Column B will now have the Source info of “RainKing” so you can delete Column B. Your Sheet 2 should now look like the below. Label Column A and B so that you can differentiate between the Imported company (column A) and the RainKing company (column B).


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