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RainKing’s Salesforce connector has auto-sync functionality. Using auto-sync, Notes taken in SmartCaller can be automatically synced over to records imported to Salesforce from RainKing .


Steps to Setup:

In RainKing under the gear icon in the top-right corner, select “Manage Integrations” from the drop-down, click on the Salesforce tile and, under the “Data Connector Setup,” tab turn on Auto-Sync maps:


With auto-sync enabled, push records from RainKing to Salesforce.


On records that have been pushed from RainKing to Salesforce, take a note in SmartCaller on that record.


SmartCaller notes taken in RainKing under records pushed from RainKing to Salesforce will automatically sync to their corresponding record in Salesforce after business hours each day.

SmartCaller notes will appear in Salesforce as a Completed Activity.


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