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RainKing’s Salesforce Campaign Package allows you to automatically associate records pushed from RainKing to Campaigns in their Salesforce. This can help if you use Campaigns in your Salesforce and want to automatically associated Leads or Contacts exported from RainKing to Campaigns in your Salesforce this package addresses this. The package also installs a custom field “RK_Tag”, that custom field is then mapped from RainKing to Salesforce. And when you push records from RainKing to Salesforce if you write in the name of a Salesforce Campaign in the mapped RK_Tag field on import the package will auto-associate imported records to the Campaign name input in the field.


Steps to Setup:

Install this package in your Salesforce:


In RainKing, from the gear icon in the top-right, select “Manage Integrations” from the dropt down and click the Salesforce tile.  Go to the “Data Connector Setup tab”.  For both the Lead and  Contacts tab, map the very bottom field “RK_Tag” to the newly installed “RK_Tag_c” in your Salesforce.


Make sure to click to Validate, Test and Save mappings

After mapping to the new RK_Tag_C field, push records from RainKing to Salesforce and write in the name of a Campaign in your Salesforce.


The records pushed from RainKing will auto-associate to the named Campaign in your Salesforce.


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