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The Ideal Buyer Persona is a unique RainKing tool that allows users to identify and weight the criteria that describes an ideal customer profile (i.e. buyer persona). These criteria are then used to individually rank each person in the RainKing database, making it easier for users to prioritize who to contact within a given account.

The Ideal Buyer Persona is not a search, it works in conjunction with a search, but will not exclude contacts from the results. It will sort the contact list based on each contact’s match strength to the Ideal Buyer Persona selected. RainKing best practice is to refine your contact list using unified search and then evaluate contacts rank. 

What factors determine the rank

  • The rank is determined by the criteria you selected in the ideal buyer persona wizard.
  • When you click on a person’s rank, you can see their “score card.”
  • The score card shows what criteria from the ideal buyer persona the prospect matches on and what level of importance is given to the individual criterion.
  • Use this view to see exactly why someone is ranked the way they are.

Understanding why a Prospect is highly ranked

  • The better the prospect, the lower the rank will be (#1 = best prospect/most likely buyer).
  • It is important to remember though, that RainKing profiles over one million prospects, so a rank of 1100 is still in the top 1%. (The rank is out of the entire dataset, not just who is in your refined contact list.) 

How can it help me

There are several places the Ideal Buyer Persona can help you prioritize your best contacts:

Steps to Create

Click Tools from the Main Navigation Menu, click “Define Ideal Buyer Persona”

PE 1.png

Best Practice: We recommend that a central marketing or sales leader define one or more Ideal Buyer Personas which correspond to each product or persona and organization might have. We can assist in setup.

You will need to name the Buyer Persona. We suggest your product identifier. 

PE 2.png

Best Practice: Centralized profiles can be shared across the sales and marketing teams. This approach ensures that everyone is focused on the right targets, and minimizes configuration work.

There are four main categories from which criteria should be added to the Buyer Persona: Technologies, Job Title, Keywords, and Management Level.

Best Practice: We suggest the criteria industries, revenue, employees, and territories to be used as part of a search. Search will refine your list to include only contacts who meet your criteria and the Ideal Buyer Persona will rank contacts based on the criteria. 

A good profile should have roughly 25-35 data points in total from these four categories. 

PE 3.png

How technologies can improve an Ideal Buyer Person

  • Technology Categories and SubCategories can be added as criteria. This allows you to have the broadest view possible into an organization since it can be challenging for our research team to identify individual installs.
  • Specific technologies represent highly influential area of the Ideal Buyer Persona.
  • RainKing maintains a database of approximately 20,000 individual technologies linked to people and companies.
  • We suggest using the most competitive or complementary technologies to identify good targets, but not every possible technology. Rank technologies lower if they suggest a potential prospect vs a known good prospect.

Using Intelligence Keywords to improve a profile

  • The intelligence keywords are one of the most influential parts of the Ideal Buyer Persona. The Ideal Buyer Persona searches every contact’s job title and description for the word(s) chosen.
  • The most important factor is to be as detailed as possible in the ranking–pick all relevant terms.
  • You can add your own intelligence  keywords that are not listed from our standard pick list. 
  • DO NOT put intelligence keywords in quotation marks. This is ineffective and will not render a result.

Best Practices for using Titles and Management Levels together

  • When adding titles as criteria, you should focus on keywords or phrases (ex: “Network Operations”) in a title as opposed to a full title like Chief Technology Officer
  • Using the Management Level criteria allows you to prioritize contacts by their level of decision making authority without generating a list of every possible title.

Weighing your Criteria

As you select criteiral it will appear in the right side panel.

Use the slider bar (illustrated below) to assign a weighting (from 1 to 10) for each criteria

The weighting is used to assign the relative importance of each criterion. For example, a weighting of 10 should be used for the most important criteria; a weighting of 1 should be used for the least important criteria.

PE 6.png

Best Practice: Do not weigh everything a 10. It’s all relative. The more you distinguish one prospect from another, the better you can prioritize. As a rough guideline, the more specific the criteria, the higher the weighting should be….and specific technologies and keywords are often more valuable in ranking a user’s best buyers than are title, level, or segment.

PE 5.png

Within each category, users should decide which values are most important. For example, within the keywords category, would they prioritize outreach to prospects who cover disaster recovery specifically, before they spend time on prospects who cover “storage” more generally?

PE 8.png

When all of the criteria has been added and weighed, click the “Save” button on the left of the screen. This will initiate the ranking process to begin, which may take a few minutes.

PE 9-1.png

How to Use the Ideal Buyer Persona

When the Ideal Buyer Persona is applied, the list of contacts will be arranged in rank order beginning with the best fit/match based on the criteria used in the profile.

PE rank 1.png

To identify why a person is a potentially good fit, click the “Rank” link to the left of the person’s name, which opens a popup window. From here you can see their “score card”, users will see a list of the criteria from the selected Ideal Buyer Profile, with check marks indicating the criteria matches for that person.

PE rank 2.png

Understanding the Ideal Buyer Persona within a Prospect Profile

Some organizations can have multiple Ideal Buyer Personas. Usually this is done when a company has more than one product they sell.

If there are multiple profiles, this is a good way to cross sell. You can see which Ideal Buyer Persona profile, and therefore which product, fits your prospects best.

To see how an individual prospect ranks for all of your product lines, you can simply check out the “How [First Name] Ranks” section

PE Rank 3.png

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