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A workflow that will allow you to recieve daily alerts from RainKing’s Inside Scoops with forward-facing, actionable opportunities and updates that can be personalized just for you.

How it can help:                                                

  • Receive daily alerts on spending, pain points, upper level management changes, and more for your focus account list and/or geography-based territory.
  • Deliverable via email or RainKing’s web-based portal for your convenience.
  • Links are provided to easily prioritize the most likely buyers/decision makers for potential opportunities.

Steps to Create:

Start by clicking on the “Identify new leads / opportunities (scoops)” link on the RainKing dashboard.

5-19-2017 12-16-59 PM.png

Using the available picklist values Common, Company, define the target criteria for building your personalized daily report. 

  • If you work within a defined territory, select all applicable geography filters and any other firmographic details (company size, vertical) required.
  • If you work with a defined account list and have already imported your list to RainKing, select it from the “Company Lists/ Groups” header – or learn how to import your named accounts using the Smart Lists
  • Keywords can be used in the “Scoop Text” header to restrict your daily report to specific topics. We recommend keeping these fairly broad and topical (e.g. big data, cloud security, network infrastructure) to help filter out noise, but not too granular (e.g. titles or specific product names), which could result in filtering out important and relevant news. 
  • You may also choose from some pre-populated options under the “Scoop Topic” header.


Click on “Save Criteria” in the upper right to set this as the default for your daily alert.  You’ll also have the option to sign up for alerts when we add other types of content (companies & people) that fit your search criteria. 


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Click on “Build List” if you’d like to view your new leads and opportunities in real time.


After building the list, the output will show results matching your selected criteria. The parameters used to build the search will be shown at the top of the screen and can be modified by clicking on the “Refine Search” button at  upper right. We highly recommend saving your searches for future access.  You can also set up alerts for new or updated records.

 THIS ONE 2.png

Use the “Find the Best Contacts” links to quickly and easily identify decision makers within an organization who you can reach out to about a potential opportunity. 

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