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Inside Scoops are hand raises from the contacts within the organizations RainKing profiles, where sources indicate an upcoming technology spend, existing pain points, or the active pursuit of a project in a specific area. The Inside Scoops help you surface and accurately target potential buyers of your products and services. Inside Scoops also give you the context to approach your prospects with a warmer and more relevant pitch. The Inside Scoops are located on your Dashboard, and you can receive unlimited customized email alerts.

We highly reccomend that you customize your RainKing Inside Scoops through our Identify new Leads & Opportunities Scoop workflow.

Definitions of Scoop Types

RainKing’s Inside Scoops are hand curated and vetted which gives us the ability to segment them. There are several different types of Inside Scoops: 

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Spending: when an organization has indicated to our team that a specific budget allocation will be devoted to a technology area.

Pain: when an organization has indicated to our team that a specific challenge exists or improvements could be made within an area.

Project: a recently completed, ongoing, or upcoming effort that the company is undertaking related to technology.

Contract: an outsourcing or managed service provider deal is about to expire.

Management Change: a recent hiring, promotion, or departure of a key position at the company.

Technology Updates: a recent roll-out of a specific technology previously not evident at the organization.

Funding: a start-up has recently received additional money from an outside source.

Staffing: when an organization is looking to hire full-time or contract employees in a specific area of IT, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, or Operations.

Definitions of Sources

We recieve our Inside Scoops from those within organizations at all different levels of seniority at organizations. The text will indicate who our source was:

High-level: a level 3+ contact, usually the company CIO, CMO, CTO, head of IT, or senior decision maker.
Mid-level: a level 2 contact, usually a Director or VP in the area highlighted in the Scoop Topic.
Front-line: a level 1 contact, usually a Manager in the area highlighted in the Scoop Topic.

Scoop Topics

All of our Inside Scoops fall under specific topics to differentiate what the Inside Scoop will be about. Some of our Inside Scoops will fall under multiple topics.

IT-related topics:

Data Analytics/Databases: Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Warehousing, Databases.
Data Infrastructure: Asset Management, Cloud, Data Center, Desktop, Hardware, Infrastructure, Operating Systems, Servers, Virtualization.
Data Storage: Backup, Storage.
Enterprise/ERP: CRM, Enterprise Software, Legacy Systems
Industry Software: EMR, Software
Information Management: Content Management, Document Management, Search
Information Security: Security, Compliance.
Network/Telecom Systems: Collaboration, Mobility, Networks, Speech Recognition, Telecommunications, Unified Communications, Video, Wireless.
Productivity/Operations: eCommerce, Email, Help Desk, IT Service Management (ITSM), Learning, Marketing, Messaging, Training.
Programming/Dev Tools: Applications, Automation, Integration, Performance.
Other- IT: Facilities, Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, Outsourcing, Staffing, Web.


Marketing-related topics:

Advertising/Search: Search, Advertising.
Analytics: Analytics.
Creative/Content: Content Management, Video, Web, Omni Channel.
eCommerce: eCommerce.
Product/Brand Management: Mobility
Sales/Marketing Automation: Data Management, Asset Management, CRM, Email, Marketing, Automation.
Social: Events, Social Media.
Other – Marketing: Networks, Staffing.


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