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The “Mail to” feature in RainKing enables you to email a list of up to 50 people based on selections made from the People results and SmartCaller. Clicking the “Mail To” action button will launch your default email client, and will pre-populate the selected peoples’ email addresses into the BCC: field.

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You are able to email more than 50 contacts at a time but this will require you to copy and paste the email address’ into your email manually from your computer’s clipboard: 

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Changing Email Default for “Mail To” Feature:

To change your default email when you are using the “Mail To” feature, you will need to access the program defaults in Windows/Yosemite (MacOS) and change your default from Gmail to Outlook or vice versa.  The instructions for each are below:

 Instructions for Windows

  • Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Default Programs.
  • Click Set your default programs.
  • Under Programs, click the e‑mail program you’d like to use, and then click Set this program as default.
  • Click OK.

Instructions for MacOS

  • Launch the Mail client in OS X (inside the Applications folder). 
  • Go to Mail > Preferences.
  • Click on the General tab and look for “Default email reader.”
  • Select another mail client or browser from the drop down menu and then close the Preferences window.


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