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Maps provides a visual overview of location(s) associated with a selected list of companies or people. The tool allows you to identify the location of contacts and companies on a map, with interactive features to drill down to a specific city or venue, and map contacts or companies based on a desired radius.

How can it help

  • Plan on-site travel using the Maps tool by determining the proximity between companies or contacts on a map.
  • Utilize the tool to plan a marketing event and host events to maximize attendance. Maps can help you determine where the largest subset of customers or prospects lay in a specific geography and plan an event or create a campaign to drive results.
  • You can leverage Maps to allocate sales resources more efficiently by visually identifying where prospects are concentrated in a geography. Use the tool to understand green field and white space territories better by plotting ideal prospects or customers.

Steps to Create

After creating your list you can select the Maps tab. You will be able to see a list of prospects or customers plotted on a map for a visual overview. Please note that you can only map up to 10,000 contacts at a time.

Use the + or buttons to zoom in and out of the map. The zoom function allows you to drill all the way down to a street view and zoom out for a global perspective. You will notice the contacts on the left panel dynamically change as you zoom in or out, to display results based on your desired view.

You can toggle between mapping a list of companies and people, by selecting the appropriate option from the top of the left panel.


To identify prospects or customers around a specific city or venue, you can type the name of the location into the “Zoom to Address” box or use the SmartMaps Icon.jpg on the top, right of the Maps page.

You can create a radius search to view prospects or customers based on a specific location by check marking the box “Show only results within,” and then by selecting a radius in miles or kilometers.


You can also build a search for companies and/or contacts from the Find People to Sell to or Plan a Marketing Event workflow tabs. When you select your desired workflow, you have the ability to narrow into a search radius when you select Geography/Map. Simply type in the address or city name and input the radius and select the MAPCON.jpg icon to view the selected radius on the map.


Once you have identified a target list of contacts or companies in a preferred geography:

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