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The ‘My RainKing’ tab gives you access to multiple sections of your RainKing account. You can access Saved Searches, List/Campaigns (groups), Exports to Excel, CRM Integration Exports, MAP Integration Exports, segmentation reports, notes, and reminders.

Saved searches

This section allows you to access save searches within your RainKing account. You can also delete, edit, and manage email preferences directly from this section as well.

 Saved Searches.png

List and Campaigns (Groups)

This section allows you to access every saved list or campaign (group) within your RainKing account. You can also delete lists and edit the name of a list directly from this page.

list and campaign.png

Excel Downloads

Allows you to access any contact, company, or scoop report that you have exported to Excel within the last 48 hours. You can click the “download” button to download and open these reports within Excel. 


CRM/MAP Integrations

If you have a CRM / Marketing Automation integration with RainKing, this section allows you to view all records you have pushed from RainKing to your CRM / Marketing Automation tool. 

Export to CRM or MAP.png

Segmentation Reports

This is where you can access and manage segmentation reports that you have run on particular lists or reports within RainKing. 



This section allows you to: view, edit, and delete notes that you have added to company or contact profiles within RainKing. You can also view notes left by your colleagues in this section.

Note take 2.png


This section allows you to view and delete any reminders you have created previously within RainKing. 


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