Org Charts

RainKing Org Charts provide an interactive hierarchy of the contacts within a company based on primary and secondary research.

There are two different ways to view RainKing Org Charts: Company profile or Person profile.

Org Chart on the Company profile

The Company Org Chart provides a more holistic view of where contacts sit within an organization. You also have the ability to filter through the contacts based on a number of criteria. 

You can view the org chart from within any company or contact profile, click on the “Org Chart” tab.


Contact cards include titles, emails and direct dials along with links to specific contact profiles


Filter based on responsibilities, titles, departments or search for contacts by name using the search bars on the left hand side. 


You also have the ability to export a PDF of the Org Chart via the “Export to PDF” button.

6-1-2017 10-03-33 AM.png

Org Chart on the Person Profile

For a Person profile you can find a localized view of where that individual sits at the Company.

6-1-2017 10-06-25 AM.png

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