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This guide will show you how to prioritize the overwrite order of contact data coming from RainKing. RainKing will overwrite the data of Eloqua fields if the field is mapped during the RainKing-Eloqua setup. This article will walk through how to prevent this in your Eloqua for particular fields.

To prioritize the overwrite order of contacts from RainKing, log in to Eloqua and navigate to Settings and select Integration:

 Eloqua Overwrite Pic 1.png


From the Integration section in Eloqua, select the Inbound Tab, then the Management drop-down and select Data Priority Order. RainKing will come in to Eloqua through the Bulk API. You can set the Bulk API import priority order to be as low as you would like.  Eloqua suggests having CRM integration as the highest priority:

 Eloqua Overwrite Pic 2.png


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