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Prospect Prism matches the records from your imported list against the RainKing database and generates up to five additional prospects in the organization to based on their Ideal Buyer Persona ranking. 

By identifying contacts that match your Ideal Buying Persona, Prospect Prism can help you:

  • Clean up leads scanned at a conference or people who registered for an event.
  • Identify the Best Contacts at your Named Accounts.
  • Find additional relevant contacts from event leads.

Steps to Create

Importing a List

Prospect Prism can be found under the “Tools” on the Main Navigation Menu.

Prospect Prism 8-1.png

Select which kind of criteria you are matching on – companies or people.

Prospect Prism 1.png

To generate a list of prospects, RainKing will use a list of contacts or companies and match that company to a company in RainKing. Then using the Ideal Buyer Persona, RainKing identifies the ideal contacts at that company.

To match your list to RainKing’s data, we can use one of the following criteria:

  • Website/URL (recommended – as we can match more precisely on this field)
  • Company name (it’s best to use a clean, familiar expression for company names to increase the likelihood of matching)
  • DUNS
  • E-mail address (contact lists only)

The list MUST be in a .csv file format with the first row populated with field labels in order to import properly. If you are using the company name, you will need to paste or type the list of accounts in the specified window.

Next, choose an Ideal Buyer Persona from the dropdown menu. This is a profile that you or someone in your organization created.

Prism Upload.png

Note: If you do not already have an Ideal Buyer Persona, you will need to create one before creating this task. 

Next, you will need to name this project. We recommend using something familiar so it will be easy to remember it later.

With your permission, RainKing will capture the company name/URL from your import to identify accounts of interest to you that we do not profile yet. If you doesn’t want us to capture this, uncheck the box.

When you are ready to begin the matching process, click the Start Import button.

Prism Import.png

Reviewing Results

Depending on the size of your list, this may take a few minutes or even longer.

When the matching process is complete, the status will show as available. This is the signal that the results are ready to view. Click the “View Results” button to continue.

Prism History.png

Import results will be retained and you can retrieve them by selecting the Prospect Prism options from the Tools menu.

The top of the results page will display your import details above the results grid.  Action buttons (Add to Group, Export to Excel) and additional navigation are displayed at right.

tool bar prism.png

Matching based on Company Criteria (Company Name, Website, Duns)

  • When matching on companies, Prism results are displayed in groups based on the Company
  • The top 5 highest ranking people in that organization based on the selected Ideal Buyer Persona will be displayed
  • When matching on companies, you can filter on the ‘match strength’ feature using Exact, Strong, Moderate, Weak, or Not Found

Understanding ‘Match Strength’

If your import included company names, your results will be marked with one of the following values based on the best match found in RainKing: Exact, Strong, Moderate, Weak, or Not Found. This match strength corresponds to a score (from 0 to 100) that reflects how closely your import matches a value in the RainKing database.

Exact: 100
Strong: 85 – 99
Moderate: 60 – 84
Weak: 20 – 59
Not Found: < 20

Prism Results-1.png

If your import included only company website/URLs or DUNs, your results will be marked as either Exact or Not Found.

Filtering you Company Matches

Use the filters to display/hide records based on their match strength so you can more easily scan them in groups. 

As you review the results, click on the hyperlink button to view the next strongest matches in RainKing, or search for a specific contact/company; if one of these alternative records is a better match, click the + symbol to change the record.

Select all of the matching records you want to include; then click the Add to List.  Be sure to name this something you’ll recognize so you can use it again.

Tip: For large lists, we suggest increasing the page size to the max (500 records). This will allow you to view more of your imported entries at once.
Matching based on People Criteria (emails)
  • RainKing displays each organization that matches a record from your import, highlights the record that you imported and what RainKing matched on, and lists up to 5 additional contacts, which are displayed in rank order based on the selected Ideal Buyer Persona
  • If Prism does not find an exact match on email, a secondary match on the email domain will be done. If the company exists in RainKing and is included in your RainKing subscription, it will be displayed.
  • When importing people (emails), you can filter results based on four distinct groups:
    • RainKing Recommended Top Fits: This group of people will reflect those contacts at the companies that you have imported that are the top five contacts, based on the Ideal Buyer Persona you’ve selected
    • Matched from Import in Top 5: This group of people will reflect those contacts who we have a match for and are also one of the top 5 contacts at that company based on the Ideal Buyer Persona that you’ve selected.
    • Matched from Import not in Top 5: This group of people will reflect those contacts who we have a match for, but they do not fall within the top 5 recommended contacts at that company based on the Ideal Buyer Persona that you’ve selected.
    • Not Found

Prospect Prism 7.png

Making the Data Actionable

We highly recommend saving your matches as a list for easy access on your dashboard. You also have the option to refine your results by Companies or Inside Scoops along with signing up for alerts when we add new content that falls into your  list. 

List Prism.png


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