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The RainKing Dashboard is your home screen and where you arrive when you login to RainKing. You will find your saved searches, lists, Sales & Marketing Tasks, and more all conviently located on the dashboard.

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  • My RainKing: You can access Saved Searches, List/Campaigns (groups), Exports to Excel, CRM Integration Exports, MAP Integration Exports, segmentation reports, notes, and reminders.
  • Sales Tasks: You can access all of the sales work flows. 
  • Marketing Tasks: You can access all of the marketing work flows.
  • Tools: You can access SmartList, Prospect Prism, Define Ideal Buyer Persona, Manage Ideal Buyer Personas.
  • Quick Search: Option to select either Company or People to search on from the drop down menu by typing in a company or person’s name, or keyword, in the ‘Search’ area then select the appropriate Company/Person in order to view the profile. 

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  • ? (Help menu)When clicking on the ‘?’ (Help menu), you will find access to support from Research and the Client Success team.
  • Pivot Wheel (Admin tab): Allows you to change user licenses (add/disable), assign users to teams, gain insight into user usage through custom reports, and customize notes and status settings for all users.
  • Bell: Shows your list of notifications of imports/groups/reports that are ready or complete.
  • Person Silhouette: Allows you to adjust your profile, password, settings, and logout.  

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Body of the Dashboard

  • My Sales Tasks: Where you can begin one of RainKing’s Sales workflows to quickly build reports in RainKing.

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  • My Marketing Tasks: Where you can begin one of RainKing’s Marketing workflows to quickly build reports in RainKing.

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  • My Saved Searches: Shows a list of your Saved Searches (Companies/People/Scoops) plus you can create a New Search by choosing from the options in the drop down menu.

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  • My Lists/Campaigns (groups): Shows a list of your Lists/Campaigns along with their number of records.

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  • Inside Scoops: List of current Inside Scoops and you can choose from the drop down menu which customized Inside Scoop search you would like to display on your RainKing dashboard.

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  • Recently Visited: Shows a list of recently visited company or people profiles.

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  • Recommendations: Shows people in the RainKing database that have been submitted via our Recommend to Colleague feature, along with the person and the date that the recommendation was submitted.

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  • Notes and Activities: Shows Notes and Activities submitted by others who have RainKing licenses within your organization via our SmartCaller feature or within a people or company profile.

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  • What’s New: Companies, People, or Inside Scoops that have been added to RainKing in the last 30 days, 12 months, and a total count. You can also elect to see the number of records for your company’s subscription.

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