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RainKing profiles over 1 million technology investment decision makers and nearly 60,000 of the most technology rich organizations across the globe. These counts increase daily as our research analysts continue to add to and augment RainKing’s sales intelligence database.

Each decision maker profile includes contact information, technologies/vendor relationships, org charts, educational background, job responsibilities, and much more. Company profiles include IT budgets, technologies in use, organizational charts, contract expiration, new funding, current pain points, spending alerts, and more.

RainKing has a global network of multilingual researchers who forge long-term relationships with companies and individuals they profile. This enables us to deliver a depth of intelligence that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our expert analysts research the top industry sectors around the world, including Consumer Goods, Financial, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Industrials, Organizations, Services and Technology. Our database breaks them down into revenue brackets (mid-market and enterprise) and examines investment signals to determine spending activity.


  • North America: 800,000+ rich decision maker profiles and 35,000+ detailed company and organization profiles in the US and Canada. RainKing profiles mid-market to large commercial enterprises, state and local governments, K-12 schools, and North American colleges.
  • Europe: 150,000+ rich decision maker profiles and 20,000+ detailed company and organization profiles. RainKing profiles the most technology-rich organizations headquartered in Europe based on factors such as revenue, total staff, IT staff, management structure and IT spending behavior.
  • Global: 55,000+ rich decision maker profiles and ~5,000+ detailed company and organization profiles. With many countries from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Latin America and South America, our constantly expanding database has you covered.
  • Marketing: 147,000+ Marketing rich decision maker profiles with almost 50,000 company profiles with marketers aligned to the profiles.
  • Federal: 15,000+ rich decision maker profiles with almost 140 federal agencies currently profiled. In addition to detailed profiles on the departments and decision makers, subscribing customers can benefit from daily investment signals like identified pain points, newly announced initiatives, and RFPs. Unlike with other sources of Federal projects and initiatives, RainKing’s intelligence focuses on the actual decision makers and budget holders, not just the government procurement managers.
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