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RainKing employs a variety of different icons to differentiate features and data within the platform.

Profile Logos:

5-24-2017 3-41-27 PM.png:Company

5-24-2017 3-41-09 PM.png:People

5-24-2017 3-40-55 PM.png:Scoop 


Management Level Icons:

Level 1.png: The First level is the lowest decision maker; this would be the equivalent to a Manager with a single level of subordinates reporting to them.

Level 2.png: The Second level is equivalent to a mid-level manager/director with two levels of subordinates reporting to them.

Level 3.png: The Third level is equivalent to a senior-level manager with three or more levels of subordinates reporting to them.  These are typically C-level executives.


Department Icons:

IT.png: IT contact

Marketing.png: Marketing contact

Finance.png: Finance contact

Hyperlink.png: Operations contact

HR.png: Human resources

Legal.png: Legal contact

Sales.png: Sales contact

Other-1.png: Contact outside of our standard contacts


Action Bar Icons:

5-24-2017 3-14-00 PM.png:Add company to a List

5-24-2017 3-14-11 PM.png:Remove company from List


Add to Group.png: Add contact to List

Remove from Group.png: Remove contact from List

5-24-2017 3-11-08 PM.png:Export to Excel

Recomend to a colleague.png: recommend to colleague

Segmentation Report.png: view segmentation report

Mail To.png: Mail To  


Profile Icons:

5-24-2017 3-19-45 PM.png:PDF

5-24-2017 3-20-02 PM.png:Add a note

5-24-2017 3-20-46 PM.png: Contact Research

5-24-2017 3-20-19 PM.png:Remind Me

5-24-2017 3-24-03 PM.png:Recommend to Colleague

5-24-2017 3-20-31 PM.png:Download Vcard


Integration Icon:

5-24-2017 3-14-23 PM.png:Export Company, Lead, or Contact to Salesforce

5-24-2017 3-15-39 PM.png:Export to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5-24-2017 3-14-36 PM.png:Export to SugarCRM

5-24-2017 3-13-21 PM.png:Export to Netsuite

5-24-2017 3-10-56 PM.png:Export to Eloqua

5-24-2017 3-10-44 PM.png:Export to Marketo


Social Media Links:

Website.png: Company Website

Facebook.png : Facebook link

Twitter.png: Twitter link

Linkedin.png: Linkedin link

Google.png: Goolge

Youtube.png: Youtube


Inside Scoops:

 5-24-2017 3-29-57 PM.png: an organization has indicated to our team that a specific budget allocation will be devoted to a technology area.

  5-24-2017 3-29-06 PM.png: an organization has indicated to our team that a specific challenge exists or improvement could be made within their area.

5-24-2017 3-29-30 PM.png: a recently completed, ongoing, or upcoming effort that the IT department is undertaking.

 5-24-2017 3-31-36 PM.png: an outsourcing or managed service provider deal is about to expire.

5-24-2017 3-27-18 PM.png: a recent hiring, promotion, or departure of a key position in an IT department.

5-24-2017 3-26-45 PM.png: a recent roll-out of a specific technology previously not evident at the organization.

5-24-2017 3-35-29 PM.png: a start-up has recently received additional money from an outside source.

5-24-2017 3-37-29 PM.png: a specific spending trend, pain point, or project that is undertaken within the organization’s Marketing Department.

5-24-2017 3-35-42 PM.png: when an organization is looking to hire full-time or contract employees in a specific area of IT.


Inside Scoops strength rating:

3 star.png: A person tagged with one or more technology sub-categories mapped to the scoop topic.

2 Star.png: A person tagged with the parent (technology category) but not the sub-categories mapped to the scoop topic.

1 Star.png: A person tagged with neither the tech sub-category or parent category mapped to the scoop topic.


Settings, Question Mark, Gear, Bell, Person

help menu.png:  Allows you to access the Help Menu where you can find Research Now, Add a Company, Help Me Now, the hotline phone number and the Knowledge Base

settings.png: Allows you to access the Admin functions if a provisioned Admin for your account. 

Bell.png: Informs you of notifications such as a list being completed

Update password.png: Allows you to updated your mobile number, update your password, and log out

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