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There are numerous ways to integrate RainKing into your Sales and Marketing systems. It’s our recommended best practice to review the various ways in which RainKing can be integrated into your systems, then choose the best integration points to optimize RainKing within your systems. RainKing integration points include:

Salesforce Integration:

Marketo Integration:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration:

Marketing Automation Tools:

Please review the integrations that apply to the specific systems in place at your organization. We have found that once license holders have an overview of each integration that relates to them, we can then plan the best approach to connect RainKing with the appropriate systems. Different integrations have different capabilities and add value in different ways.  Gaining an understanding of which RainKing integrations can best add value to fit your needs allows us to more easily and effectively implement RainKing within your Sales and Marketing systems. Additionally, if you have specific needs or use cases that are not solved by one of our out-of-the-box integrations, we can design the best approach to meet these needs outside of our integrations.

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