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Managers in RainKing are ranked by level of seniority through our Management Levels tiers. People are also  categorized by their Department as well.

  • First-level manager (1) is the lowest decision manager; this would be equivalent to a IT Manager with a single level of subordinates reporting to them.
  • Mid-Level manager (2) is equivalent to a mid-level manager/director with two levels of subordinates reporting to them.
  • Senior Manager (3+) is equivalent to a senior-level manager with three or more levels of subordinates reporting to them.  These are typically VPs to C-level executives.
  • Other/Non-manager or those with no number next to their name represent decision makers or influencers who are not managers; typically more technical roles such as engineers, architects, analysts, developers.

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The Department field allows you to find people based on the department to which they report. We profile contacts in IT, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Operations, Sales, and other line of bunsiness contacts.

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