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People Profiles describe an individual based on their responsibilities at their organization, providing you rich intelligence on the prospect to help craft a more detailed message. This information is gathered through both primary and secondary research

Person Header:

The person header includes the following details: address, phone number, links to social media and company website, flags if the company has been pushed to CRM or MAP, links to RainKing Research Team, Reminders, export to PDF, Export to Vcard, and if the company is included in any RainKing Lists.

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Person Overview:

Includes the person’s first and last name, address, phone number, email address, job description, and keywords.

You can also identify other prospects who have the same criteria as this person via ‘Find more people like X

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How ‘X’ Ranks:

Provides a ‘rank’ for each Ideal Buyer Persona established in the users account.

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Reporting Relationship:

A localized segment of the organizational chart that focuses in on the person’s direct report(s) as well as their supervisor(s). This is an interactive widget, you can click on a direct report or supervisor to view their profile. You can use the links for Org Chart or Responsibility Matrix for a more detailed view.

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Information on where the person physically sits and where their company is headquartered.

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Company Profile:

Shows the company profile overview providing financial information, employee size, recent news, sector/Industries. You can can click on the link “View Company Overview” for a more detailed profile on the company.

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Inside scoops:

All inside scoops that are tied to the person. 

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Technology responsibilities:

A breakdown of the technology categories and individual technologies that the person has responsibility over. This widget is actionable. Clicking the technology category will open a list of sub-categories. By clicking on the technology links it will take you to a view of all of the technologies mapped in that segment. From here you can see the ‘added to RainKing date,’ ‘last verified date’, and a brief description of the technology.

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Employment History:

A review of the persons previous employment history.

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Education History:

A review of the persons previous educational background.

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Additional Tabs:


The people tab provides a list view of all contacts RainKing profiles at the company. Clicking “Filter List” gives you the ability to narrow the results based on your desired criteria. You can also use any of the action icons to add or remove contacts from a list, export to your CRM or MAP, to Excel or use our tool SmartCaller.

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Org Chart:

The interactive Org Chart gives you the ability to filter through the corporate hierarchy by responsibilities, titles or departments.

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Responsibility Matrix:

The Responsibility Matrix allows you to filter contacts within the company by technology categories and sub-categories by their technology responsibilities.

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Profiles all inside scoop that are tied back to the person.

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Company Overview:

Shows the company profile overview.

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Record or review any Notes you or your colleguaes have written ont the profile. You can also use the Remind Me button to send a reminder to follow up.

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