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When you send records from RainKing to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will initially be prompted to enter your Dynamics CRM login credentials to connect:

Dy 1.jpg

If credentials are not entered correctly here, you won’t be able to send records successfully to Dynamics CRM or to search your CRM for matching records.  If there are any errors with either pushing records to Dynamics CRM or looking up records in CRM, you should first delete any credentials stored here then re-enter your Dynamics CRM credentials exactly as you would to connect to Dynamics CRM:

Dy 2.jpg

Dy 3.jpg

If you are able to successfully login to Dynamics, those same credentials should be added to RainKing to connect. If you are still unable to connect using those credentials in RainKing, then check in RainKing under Manage Integrations>> Microsoft Dynamics CRM:



Click the Dynamics CRM Button then re-enter credentials here and select to Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Dy 4.png 

Re-enter credentials here, then select Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Dy 5.jpg 

Here you should expect to see a green check-mark indicating that RainKing is connected toyour Dynamics CRM:
Dy 6.jpg


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