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This is a list of the common keywords or phrases that you will encounter when working with one of RainKing’s integrations.

Custom Fields Available:

  • Head of Department: Checkbox, indicating whether or not this person is the head of the department
  • DUNS: Text, unique identifier provided by Dun and Bradstreet
  • IT Budget: Currency
  • Fiscal Year End: Text, the date of the company’s Fiscal Year End
  • Has Gatekeeper: Checkbox, indicating whether the person has a gatekeeper
  • Industry: Text Area (255), the industry of the company
  • IT Employees: Number (18,0), the number of IT employees at the company
  • IT Managers: Number (18,0), the number of IT managers at the company
  • Last Updated: Text (10), when the profile was last updated by RainKing
  • Management Level: Text (25), indicates whether the person is a first, second, third, or non-manager
  • Supervisor: Text (120), contains the name of the person’s supervisor
  • Sector: Text (255), the sector of the company
  • Lead Source: Picklist, Text, can be set to the lead source to be associated with each record pushed from RainKing


Auto-sync: Auto-Sync is functionality turned on by RainKing that gives users the option to “auto-sync” fields from RainKing that have previously been pushed to a user’s CRM.  If information about a record changes – job title or phone number change – in RainKing, that new information is auto-synced over to the record in the CRM.  This ensures data in your CRM pushed from RainKing stays up to date with changes made in RainKing.

List of Sectors (bold) and Industries:

Consumer Goods

·         Agriculture

·         Beverages

·         Consumer Products Manufacturers

·         Food

Energy & Utilities

·         Alternative Energy

·         Oil and Gas

·         Utilities


·         Banking

·         Brokerage and Asset Management

·         Financial Services

·         Insurance

·         Real Estate

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

·         Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

·         Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

·         Managed Care

·         Medical Devices


·         Aerospace & Defense

·         Automotive & Transport

·         Basic Materials and Chemicals

·         Construction

·         Environmental Services & Equipment

·         Industrial Manufacturing and Machinery

·         Metals & Mining


·         Associations

·         Colleges

·         Cultural and Religious Institutions

·         Foundations and Charitable Organizations

·         State and Local Government

·         US Federal Government


·         Business Services

·         Consumer Services

·         Education Services

·         Government Contractors

·         Hotels

·         Law Firms

·         Media

·         Restaurants

·         Retail

·         Security Products & Services

·         Transportation


·         Computer Hardware

·         Computer Services

·         Computer Software

·         Electronics

·         Hosting Provider

·         Telecommunications Equipment

·         Telecommunications Services



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