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RainKing’s Salesforce Plugin is a visual force element that can be added to Lead, Account and Contact page layouts in Salesforce to show RainKing details in Salesforce. The Salesforce plugin will show RainKing intelligence on the page layout in Salesforce, allow users to use the Merge Data tab on the Plugin to merge data from RainKing into your Salesforce, and be able to View All Prospects, View Org Chart, or View Responsibility Matrix to view additional information on the record from Salesforce.

Steps to Setup:

RainKing’s Salesforce Plugin is installed directly from the AppExchange.
After install, visual force elements are added to page layouts.

Once on the page layout, RainKing’s plugin can be viewed on any Lead, Account or Contact record.


Use the Merge Data tab or additional links on the Plugin to get actionable information from RainKing into your Salesforce.


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