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Your subscription includes access to RainKing’s research team for your own sales and marketing efforts. Having access to our Research team will allow you to gain additional information that you are looking for on companies and contacts if anything you need is not already in our available profiles. Click here to learn how we determine who to profile.

The “Research Now” lightning bolt icon can be found on both the company and people profiles the top right hand side of your screen and also in the Help menu. It is an open ended request, so feel free to ask the researchers to look into the specific information that’s important for you.


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Examples of Requests:


  • If you are looking for a direct dial.
  • Alert us of data discrepancy; no longer at the company, wrong phone number, email does not work.
  • If you see any holes in the org chart.
  • Fill in any holes to the data that we already have.
  • Please note- we respect the privacy of our contacts.


  • Research can try and break up the IT budgets by department.
  • Take a look at road maps.
  • Technologies: I see that this company uses Oracle, so who actually uses it?
  • Look into any strategies they are seeking to implement.
  • They can look into what tradeshows they will likely attend.

Inside Scoops:

  • They can answer questions you may have regarding Scoops and, in some cases, provide additional information about a specific Scoop. 


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