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Segmentation Reports allow for quick market analysis on custom sets of companies or contacts.

How can it help:

These reports allows you to quickly identify strong or weak segments in your current target markets and identify key characteristics of new target companies or contacts based on Sector and Industries, Country, States/Provinces, U.S. Metro Areas, Company Revenue, and Employee size.

Steps to create:

Define company or contact criteria that you would like to run the report for and build list.

Once you have the desired results, click the “View Segmentation Report” action button.

5-16-2017 10-24-43 AM.png


From the pop-up screen, select the record range you would like to include and name your report.


5-16-2017 10-23-42 AM.png


Click My RainKing and select Segmentation Reports from the dropdown.

Click the report you would like to view and digest the results accordingly.


5-16-2017 10-26-00 AM.png


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