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SmartCaller is a workflow tool designed to improve productivity when working with call lists. The interface provides a consolidated view including contact details with features that can be used to tag, classify and capture sales activity on leads and prospects. 

How can it help:

  • You can pull lists of people and use SmartCaller to hit each contact efficiently and in succession.
  • Contacts in a SmartCaller list can be organized by a selected Ideal Buyer Persona to sort the best contacts to the top of the list.
  • Features like Status, Tags and Notes can help you stay organized about follow up and action items.
  • If your company has integrated RainKing with your Salesforce, you can push leads or contacts using the RainKing Connector and any SmartCaller Notes will populate in the Open Activities section of the pushed record’s Salesforce page.

Steps to Create:

You can access SmartCaller from the top and left of any list of contacts. 


From the SmartCaller page, you will be able to view the first contact on your list either alphabetically or based on your Ideal Buyer Persona ranking. The contact page will display relevant information such as the prospect’s title, location, phone number and email address.

The right panel of the SmartCaller page will highlight all the contacts on your list in succession. You can move from contact to contact by using the arrow icons or by simply selecting a prospect’s name from the right panel.


On the bottom half of the contact page, you have the ability to add tags, leave notes or input a colored status (red, yellow, green, grey).Tags and status colors help you easily filter and refine a list from the drop down above the panel of contacts.You can utilize the status colors to identify where you left off on a specific list or as a visual indicator of how many contacts you have reached out to.The notes section can be used to leave meaningful reminders via the Notes Shortcut for frequently used terms or by adding personal notes. You can also setup reminders on who you have spoken with and when to reach back out.

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To measure productivity, RainKing admins are able to pull a usage report of SmartCaller activity based on the number of notes you have added.

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