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RainKing’s new Unified Search method is a single search form, combining all available search criteria pertaining to companies, people and inside scoops onto a single menu.  This makes it both easier and more convenient for you to generate any answer from RainKing without having to execute multiple independent queries.

After performing a search, you can easily toggle between four content tabs (Companies, People, Scoops, Map) to get answers to multiple questions from a single search.  The criteria from a single search affects all content tabs.

How it can help:

The unified search will allow you to have a comprehensive report of all of the ins and outs of the companies, people, or scoops they are looking to target.

Common Criteria:

  • Geography: Target specific geographic filters for companies and/or people with the option to display results with or without regard to HQ location. You can also apply a search radius filter to create specific mileage ranges.
  • Sector/Industry: You can be filter by NAICS or SIC codes, or by RainKing Sector and Industry definitions. 
  • # Employee: The total number of full time employees .
  • Revenue: Annual company revenue.
  • Company Lists/Groups: Apply a list such as your target accounts; alternatively, an exclusion/blacklist of accounts to suppress. 
  • Company Name: Search by a company’s name.
  • Department Budget: A company’s department budgets for IT, Marketing, and Sales.
  • # Decision Maker: Number of decision makers profiled in RainKing.

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Company: Filter on Company Criteria 

  • Company Technologies: RainKing profiles over 20,000 individual technologies which can be searched against company deployments. 
  • Company Description: RainKing’s Research team provides a high level explanation of organizations in our database. 
  • Company ranking: Company Profiles are tagged with rankings on list such as the Fortune 500, Inc 500.
  • Total Company Locations: Search for number of physical locations for an organization.
  • Company Added/Updated Data: Search when a company had been added or recently updated.

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People:  Filters on People Criteria

  • Job Title/Description: RainKing contacts can be searched based on their title, job description, or both.
  • Management Level: Contacts are tagged based on levels of management
  • Department: Contacts are sorted into specific department fields. 
  • Tech Responsibilities: Contacts are tagged with specific technologies for which they are responsible that our research team has verified, or with the category that the technology falls under
  • People Lists/Groups: Apply your People List to your Search.
  • Has Email/Direct Dial: Filter contacts based on whether or not they have an email, direct dial, or both
  • Executive/Has Gatekeeper: Senior Level contacts are tagged as Executive indicating role such as CIO, CTO, CMO, CEO.
  • Has Scoops: Contacts can be tagged to specific inside scoops
  • My Activity (Tags/Status): You have the ability to apply a filter for the Tags or Statuses they have applied to a contacts profile.
  • Higher Education/Work History: Filter contacts on their education or previous employers.
  • Person Name (First, Last): Filter on either first name, last name, or both.
  • Added/Updated Date: Filter when a contacts have either been added to RainKing or when their profile had last been updated.

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Inside Scoops: Filters on Scoop Criteria

  • Scoop Text: Filter on the body of the inside scoop text, formerly keywords
  • Scoop Topics: Filter on the topics of Inside Scoops.
  • Scoop/Signal Type: Inside Scoops are aligned to specific types of intelligence.
  • Updated Scoop Indicator: Filter on when our RainKing Team had followed up on a previous scoop.
  • Published Date: Filter on when scoops had been published.

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