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The user icon drop down menu gives you the ability to edit your personal contact information, change your password, and manage your preferences. This article will detail the three different options within this drop down menu: my profile, password, and preferences.

My profile:

My profile tab allows you to update any contact information that is related to your RainKing account. Up-to-date contact information ensures that our client success team can get in contact with you after submitting a support ticket.

My Profile-1.png


The password tab allows you to change your RainKing password anytime you need to, making sure all accounts are secure.


Preferences tab:

The preferences tab allows you to set a default Ideal Buyer Persona, manage email notifications for certain tasks you can complete in RainKing, as well as allow you to manage other account settings.

You can make an Ideal Buyer Persona your “default”, meaning that any time you access a contact report in RainKing we will automatically stack and rank those contacts based on the default Ideal Buyer Persona. 

Ideal Buyer.png


Notifications are emails that notify you when certain tasks have finished processing. You can subscribe to notifications for: adding to a list, exporting to excel, segmentation reports, and Smart Lists. First alerts allow you to start a task within RainKing and then leave the platform, knowing you will be notified via email when the task is finished.

Notifications take 2.png


Allows you to manage certain account settings such as: how many records display per page, set your default quick search to company or people, changing the size of the notes widget, and the ability to switch between our enhanced and classic technology widget.

Other take 2.png

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