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Sales, marketing, and staffing professionals at the top of their games rely on the DiscoverOrg platform to gain an edge in fast-paced and highly competitive markets. Explore how our powerful sales intelligence platform transforms sales and marketing processes across a range of businesses – from cloud software providers and cyber security companies to some of the nation’s leading financial institutions.

What DiscoverOrg Customers Are Saying About Our Solutions

Willaim K Client Testimonial DiscoverOrg

Excellent; on point; great team and very solid platform--an invaluable resource.

William K., Senior Director, Commercial Sales, Condusiv Technologies

Selling without DiscoverOrg = running without shoes. I always have it open and NEVER make a cold call as a result.

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Praneet F Client Testimonial DiscoverOrg

Jedi Master of Sales Leads

Praneet F., Partner, Search Services

In Staffing Services, our business is built on relationships and ability to network. This tool has helped tremendously in getting to the right contact. DiscoverOrg is the Jedi Master of sales intelligence tools on the market.

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David J Client Testimonial DiscoverOrg

Enterprise Account Manager

David J., Enterprise Account Manager - North Florida, Varonis

It's nice knowing I can rely on a tool for excellent information when I need it. Being accurate and up to date gives DiscoverOrg a clear competitive advantage, and is the reason why it is my go-to tool.

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Cari J Client Testimonial DiscoverOrl

The only sales and marketing tool you REALLY need

Cari J., VP of Marketing, Paxata

For marketing, we are easily able to enrich our SFDC contacts with quality information that helps us do better segmenting and targeting.

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Keith B Client Testimonial DiscoverOrg

Not your average data mining tool!!

Keith B., Senior Sales Executive, Safari Books Online

The platform allowed me to maintain top ranking within my current sales organization which I directly attribute to DiscoverOrg.

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Tracy F Client Testimonial DiscoverOrg

Discoverorg is a great tool for prospecting

Tracy F., Director of Sales, Foresite

DiscoverOrg solves the time management issue of juggling prospecting tasks with client follow up, and the seamless integration with Salesforce keeps me efficient.

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DiscoverOrg Client Testimonial | Dino S.

Best Solution on the Market

Dino S., 20 Year B2B ECommerce and Supply Chain Efficiency Advocate, GXS | an OpenText Company

“DiscoverOrg has so many great features that it is impossible to chose one. I do like that fact that once Scoops are established for a particular region, DiscoverOrg does a wonderful job explaining in detail the nature of the initiative.”

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonial Teri T

The ONLY IT Contact Solution You Should Consider

Teri T., Partner Manager, Uplogix

“I have now partnered with DiscoverOrg for 4 years and at 2 separate companies... Hands down, DiscoverOrg performed above and beyond (data and service/support). What I like best is the actual data.”

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonial David K.

DiscoverOrg Works

David K., Account Manager, Presidio

“DiscoverOrg gives an account manager instant access to information that would take years of account management to fully understand, especially in a large account."

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonial Bunnie M.

Discoverorg has the most accurate information.

Bunnie M., Receptionist & Sales Support, Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc

“There are many things discoverorg offers to our Sales Force besides the most accurate information, the org chart helps them to reach the decision makers so they are able to get in front of the right people."

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonial Chris S.

I hope my competition doesn’t use it!

Chris S., Director of Client Operations, XTglobal

“Accurate information on the types of technology that the company uses, along with the org chart so that I know I am targeting the right people on my calls and emails.”

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonials Christopher C.

A Sales Tool That ReDefines Badassness

Christopher C., Vice President Sales and Marketing, IT-ROI Solutions

“The DiscoverOrg software and research team does for me and our team what we just don’t do well. The details and the time consuming work that takes us away from what we should be doing.”

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonial Stephen H.

Mission Critical Solution

Stephen H., CEO, Founder, Be Relevant &

“We’ve come to rely on the data accuracy of the DiscoverOrg service.”

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Customer Testimonial | DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence Platform

Essential for Lead Generation and Targeted Marketing

Jennifer K., Product Marketing Professional, iQuate

“Thanks to the detailed data available and the filtering capabilities offered DiscoverOrg has become an essential part of our lead generation activities.”

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DiscoverOrg Customer Testimonial Bryce H.

DiscoverOrg is a great asset! Highly recommended.

Bryce H., Account Executive, Safari Books Online

“I spend hours within the site locating high quality prospects. This service not only provides accurate information but the overall database seems to continue to be updated on a regular basis.”

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© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved