About LTT Partners

LTT Partners is a National Business Technology Advisement company founded in 2016 by Lance Sheidenberger (CEO) and Andy Nelson (COO), headquartered in Portland, OR. LTT Partners allows business customers to leverage them as an extension of their IT department- free of charge. The keystone of LTT is to bridge the gap between customer needs and the world’s best technology vendors. Navigating the sea of vendors to match required feature sets is complex and time consuming. LTT works directly with 180+ providers, and leverages their up-the-chain contacts on a first name basis. Clients enjoy being able to offload the sourcing, comparing, evaluating, pricing, and implementation of solutions that precision fit their criteria. All of this done with white glove service, at no added cost to the customer. Clients enjoy the value of LTT being positioned as their one-stop-shop for all of their technology vendors and industry insight. Pulling from years of enterprise consulting experience, LTT prides itself on staying up to date with industry trends, and the ever evolving vendor solutions to match. The outcome is a world-class perspective on Vendor Management, Information Technology, and Business Operations.