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If Portland and Southwest Washington is the “Silicon Forest,” and DiscoverOrg, led by CEO Henry Schuck, is a big tree – and we’re growing. In fact, DiscoverOrg is one of the fastest-growing software companies in the region. Between 2016 and 2018, revenue doubled. Investors on the private market value the company at more than $1 billion. See what 35-year-old Schuck has planned – including a possible IPO in 2020!

Charity Heller
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Charity Heller

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Charity Heller, DiscoverOrg's content strategy manager, has been developing, composing, and editing content since age 2. Before her dive into content marketing, she founded and operated a book-editing company for 10 years. Charity has a B.A. in English literature, Professional Editing Certification from U.C. Berkeley, and she's a certified Project Manager.