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David Sill, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at DiscoverOrg, discusses the customer success team as critical to company growth, and provides tips on diagnosing issues and enacting culture shift that enables the team to work more in tandem with sales, support and marketing

I work at a company whose sole mission is to accelerate growth for other companies. As such, we are obsessed with understanding what contributes to high growth.

We read articles in the media and academic journals. We talk with our customers about it. We even apply our research resources to study it, as we did with our recent 2017 Growth Drivers Report, which highlighted the best practices in sales and marketing at companies that have sustained 40 percent growth over the last three years.

Getting these insights from the sales and marketing community is always enlightening, but I’d like to share my own observations about what it takes to drive growth and customer retention, and I believe that it all starts with building a culture of growth.

Creating a Culture of Growth

When I arrived at DiscoverOrg some 18 months ago to run the customer success team, I found an operation that was in need of a culture shift. The team was doing solid work, but was primarily a caretaker for customers and it lacked critical linkages to sales and marketing that could help it deliver even more value.

Having worked in sales my entire career – including at a company where I was a customer of DiscoverOrg – it was natural for me to approach this challenge with a sales mindset. We needed to get the team to create a new identity, not just as caretakers for our customers, but as contributors to the growth of the company.

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