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They have added their own unique spin to marketing technology and convinced us that their refreshing understanding of the whys and wherefores of this rapidly growing industry is just one of the several ways to look at business. In this feature, we bring you the views of key executives who discuss how their ‘being’ pours into their professional personas

How does being a woman as a part of an exponentially explosive marketing tech space help you to be better equipped to understand this constantly evolving sector through your unique perspective?

Katie Bullard, CMO at DiscoverOrg

“A successful leader – whether a man or a woman – has to possess high IQ and high EQ (emotional intelligence), and it’s been my experience that woman are often better equipped to tap into both the rational and emotional motivations of their teams. For instance, when change happens rapidly (like it does in martech), resistance is bound to occur, and the only way to engage and get buy-in from teams is to understand the rational and emotional reasons for that resistance and then to actively address both as you move the organization forward.  Understanding and acknowledging the importance of a high EQ makes you better able to handle the conflict and stress that never fails to occur in this space, and it’s been a conscious focus of mine as I’ve navigated through my career.”

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