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GrowthBoundB2B Podcast: A Startup Story that includes a B2C to B2B Pivot

Two years ago, Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson faced the realization no CEO ever wants to have: His beloved B2C code school, though successful, had to become a B2B company to survive. Well, he did it! Treehouse’s new mission is to help companies train and hire diverse engineering and design teams.

Listen in as DiscoverOrg President Katie Bullard welcomes Ryan into our studio. We’re talking about life in the startup lane: What should the priorities of a CEO and a sales team be, right out of the gate – when you need to grow, fast … and can’t afford to make a mistake? And what do you do when you realize your target market is not where you expected?

Join Ryan and Katie for a startup adventure!

A bit about our guest:

Ryan is the Founder of Treehouse where they help companies like Nike, Airbnb, Adobe train and hire diverse engineering and design teams.

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