December 3rd, 2013

VANCOUVER, Wash., September 25, 2013 – According to DiscoverOrg survey results highlighted in a recent press release, data quality is the number one concern regarding the use of marketing automation or campaign management solutions among IT marketers.

The results, which are based on 359 responses from within the IT industry, show one-third (33%) of respondents listed “keeping data accurate in all systems” as their biggest concern, followed by “getting sales personnel to use the automation tools” (23%) and “achieving significant ROI” (18%).

Henry Schuck, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of DiscoverOrg, says in the release, “Companies spend thousands of dollars purchasing and maintaining these highly sophisticated systems in order to track and manage massive amounts of customer and prospect data, and ultimately to drive sales. With the number one reason for CRM adoption failure being bad data, achieving data quality through improvements in systems and processes is a critical success factor in IT sales.”

Unexpectedly, the data also indicates that 24% of respondents are still not using any type of formal CRM system, instead tracking sales activity manually via Microsoft Excel or not tracking their IT lead and sales until revenue is truly realized. More than half (58%) rely on sales reps to update system data, a factor they said contributed to a lack of trust in data accuracy.

IT companies are hesitating to adopt marketing automation and campaign management solutions due to a lack of trust in data quality, often times using manual processes in their place, according to the DiscoverOrg results.

Kristin Hambelton | Adobe