What’s in Your Systems?

For better or for worse, data fuels all of your outreach efforts. The quality and depth of that data determines whether or not you are able to: identify the right decision maker, craft a message that resonates, and actually make a connection. Even better data does the heavy lifting for you, surfacing primed opportunities and shortening your sales cycle. The key, of course, is not only finding more and better data but also keeping it updated. We happen to be experts in all of the above.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

It’s the age old battle: Quality vs. Quantity – which one wins? Perhaps the better question is, “why do you have to choose?” DiscoverOrg provides Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting professionals the quality and depth required to confidently execute strategic go-to-market motions AND the quantity necessary to understand and identify your total addressable market. You no longer have to settle for outdated, inaccurate data or limited coverage in your target market. We say, have another piece.

Database Growth

Our database of deep, verified contact data has grown substantially over recent years.

Companies by Size

With the best of both worlds, we get you in the door of Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB companies.

Contacts by Department

Just IT? Think again. We have you covered across every main department...and then some.

Research Verified

DiscoverOrg’s core offering provides deep, accurate, comprehensive profiles on the most important decisions makers and organizations worldwide. These profiles include deep, contextual intelligence including reporting structures, technologies installed, projects and initiatives, purchase intent and over 100 additional data points – all constantly refreshed. Not to mention, we also serve up verified email addresses and direct-dial phone numbers to improve the deliverability and connect rates of your outreach.


This data is backed by an industry-leading 95% accuracy guarantee – made possible by our secret weapon to gathering and verifying data: our Research Team. This 300+ person team enables a 360-degree view into your target accounts, while providing a level of quality assurance for the data being gathered through our proprietary combination of tools, technologies, and integrations. Sell, market, and recruit with confidence, knowing that you’re using the most accurate, actionable, and comprehensive data available.

Technology Generated

The perfect complement to our Research Verified data is the numerous additional contacts and companies that have been gathered and validated through our technology-enabled processes. Based on a decade of human-verified research expertise, no other provider has an extensive background in cleansing, verifying and maintaining data to train their technology to produce data profiles with an above industry-standard level of confidence.


Our Technology Generated data provides a great resource for looking up specific contacts at target organizations, supplementing existing campaigns based on Research Verified data, or quantifying your addressable market. Core company and contact information are included, allowing you to reach more of your market.




Rest Assured, That Email is Valid

In 2019, DiscoverOrg acquired NeverBounce, a leading provider of email verification and cleansing services. As part of DiscoverOrg’s quality control process, all email addresses are regularly run through NeverBounce for verifying and cleansing. With a proprietary 20+ step verification process, NeverBounce checks each email up to 75 times, removing outdated and invalid email addresses.

So goodbye, painful bounce rates and poor sender reputation – and hello, killer campaign performance and engagement! Hit send with confidence with DiscoverOrg.

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