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Delivering The Goods: The Path to Improving MQL-to-Opp Rate by 10X+

Despite offering a winning product, Mendix found itself struggling to deliver high-quality leads to its sales team and close new deals in a reasonable amount of time. With a protracted MQL-to-Opp conversion rate, Mendix knew they had to do something to either improve the quality of the leads being passed to sales, or increase efficiencies throughout the process, or both.
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Succeeding in the Age of Intelligence: How Accurate & Actionable Contact Information & Buyer Insights are Impacting Engagement

Join DiscoverOrg’s VP of Demand Generation, DeAnn Poe, on this webinar to learn how sales and marketing teams are using intent data to beat competitors to the door and shortcut a long sales cycle!
Case Studies

Case Study: New Horizons Des Moines

New Horizons Des Moines needed an efficient way to boost its research and prospecting power in order to grow demand within existing accounts and boost pipeline with net new accounts.
Case Studies

Case Study: Nehemiah Security

Nehemiah Security needed more reliable and accurate data to power its highly granular persona-based marketing campaigns, and improve the efficiency of its lead generation and qualification to boost its MQL-to-Opportunity rate.

DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo: 2 Former Competitors Push Forward Together

Following DiscoverOrg’s acquisition of ZoomInfo, our host and DiscoverOrg President Katie Bullard asks: How do two fierce competitors come together? Here to discuss it is Hila Nir, who is now CMO of both organizations.

Mendix: Case Study

DiscoverOrg was able to help Mendix improve their MQL-to-Opportunity rate by 14x, boosting it from barely 2% to well over 28%. This has allowed Mendix to not only win more deals, but to shorten its sales cycles and win more often.
December 14, 2017
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How to Build a 360 Degree View of Your Target Accounts

Do you feel like you have good visibility into the current status of your target accounts? Can you easily pinpoint which accounts and contacts sales should call next or which target accounts are not engaged and need to be added to a marketing campaign?

A Startup Story that includes a B2C to B2B Pivot

Two years ago, Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson faced the realization no CEO ever wants to have: His beloved B2C code school, though successful, had to become a B2B company to survive. Well, he did it! Listen in as DiscoverOrg President Katie Bullard welcomes Ryan into our studio. 

Enterprise Sales Beliefs That Will Be Obsolete in 2019

Join Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled, to explore strategies that work for expanding enterprise accounts - which remains one of the best ways to grow revenue. Learn how to crush your enterprise sales targets in 2019 (and how NOT to crush them).
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How to Evaluate a Data Provider for Revenue Growth

Data impacts all aspects of sales and marketing efforts. Does YOUR data rise to the challenge? We surveyed top sales and marketing consultants to find out how they evaluate data providers and asked them to rank in order of importance: Verified contact info, Firmographics (public, private, government, and 501c), Reporting hierarchy, and Personnel and project changes
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