Corporate Governance Partners wanted a data solution that could allow it to search and filter its ideal prospects by specific niche technology stacks owned and needed this granular and reliable data to power its lead generation and sales efforts within a specific market.

Corporate Governance Partners GCP, a Chicago-based technology company, designs and delivers end-to-end governance technology solutions that simplify planning, compliance, and performance for corporate governing boards all over the world. CGP’s best-in-class platform analyzes how boards prioritize their resources against budgeted time, benchmarks, and best practices.

The Challenge

Corporate Governance Partners designs best-of-breed governance technology solutions that help boards everywhere be confident that they have addressed obligations from all stakeholders and prioritize their time more efficiently and effectively.

CGP was spending too much valuable time performing manual account research that often took weeks to complete and was obsolete nearly as quickly as it was compiled. As a result, its database was too sparse to generate the pipeline volume it needed, and its existing accounts lacked the rich data points required to drive personalized and engaging outreach.

CGP turned to DiscoverOrg to clear the “prospecting red tape” holding back its sales machine.

The Solution

Corporate Governance Partners needed a highly accurate, detailed, easy-to-use data solution that could allow it to search for prospects using extremely granular parameters like specific fiscal year end dates and governance technology stacks owned, drastically boosting its account-based prospecting efficiency. It got the solution it needed with DiscoverOrg.

“We love DiscoverOrg’s IT footprint, especially the fairly obscure technology searches we can run,” says John Brooke, Vice President of Sales at Corporate Governance Partners. “Before, we had been manually running searches on LinkedIn and kept getting told we were exceeding our search limits. It was highly time-consuming and inefficient.”

That prospecting efficiency is delivered courtesy of DiscoverOrg, who delivered its Legal Dataset and Salesforce Integration, giving CGP instant access to the most reliable, detailed, and up-to-date prospecting data in existence, manually verified and updated by DiscoverOrg’s team.
“Having a team manually verify the contact data is game-changing. I’ve worked in the market intelligence space, and I know how difficult and expensive human verification is,” Brooke says.

In addition to that accurate, manually-verified contact data, DiscoverOrg also provides CGP with detailed org charts that map out stakeholder spheres of influence within its prospect accounts, automatic notifications when target accounts begin a buying initiative, and seamless Salesforce integration that populates and updates their instances with the latest data.

“With the org charts, we deeply enrich our sets of data. We’ve added 5+ contacts per account, which would have taken us weeks if we could even do it at all, and the data would have been out-of-date as soon as I pulled it. With DiscoverOrg, it took just minutes,” says Brooke. And with Scoops, which automatically alert CGP to any changes at their accounts, Brooke and his team are always prepped and ready for any client meeting.

CGP leverages DiscoverOrg to carve out equitable sales territories so all its reps have an equal chance to succeed. And with the Telwise integration, Brooke estimates his sales team is 25% more productive each day.

“We’ve built our database from just a few dozen ‘friends and family’ to over 800 high-value target contacts that we can now run campaigns against to educate and convert them,” Brooke explains. “At the end of the day, the one thing I can’t leave to chance is lead quality. I get that now, guaranteed.”

That’s bringing the business of governance into the 21st century. That’s DiscoverOrg.