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Correlsense Significantly Increases Unique Meetings Set with High Level IT Executives with DiscoverOrg’s Highly Accurate Data Sets

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Client: Correlsense
Location: Framingham, MA
Industry: Application Performance, Management Software

The Challenge

Correlsense direct selling to IT Executives approach meant they needed accurate and up-to-date data to IT Executives. It also meant they needed IT Org Charts to understand the IT decision-making hierarchy so they knew which IT Executives to target.

The Solution

  • DiscoverOrg Enterprise 2100 Dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Mid-Market dataset
  • DiscoverOrg Charts


  • Set over 600 meetings with IT Executives at targeted accounts with DiscoverOrg data in the first year of service
  • More than doubled the efficiency of its inside IT sales team.

The Client

Correlsense is the leader in IT ReliabilityTM software. Correlsense SharePath provides a breakthrough in IT Reliability by enabling both a birds-eye and detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes.

Correlsense has a direct selling strategy that requires their inside-IT sales team to set appointments with IT Executives at their targeted accounts. They target enterprise and mid-market companies and count large financial services firms GAINSCO Insurance and American Family Insurance as clients. The efficiency and productivity of their inside-IT sales team is critical to the company’s strategy.

The Challenge of Poor Quality Sales Intelligence

Correlsense had purchased numerous lists and access to non-IT focused intelligence services with poor results. Alon Ben-Shoshan, Director of Inside Sales at Correlsense, describes it, “We had access to some online services that were web or user generated and we had bought some lists for our team to work on, but ultimately our team ended up wasting more time with the bad data than it was worth.”

With their direct selling strategy, Correlsense needed highly accurate and reliable data to pinpoint the decision-making IT Executives. “We needed up-to-date accurate information on IT decision-makers. And that was when we found DiscoverOrg,” said Ben-Soshan.

The Solution

Correlsense selected DiscoverOrg’s Enterprise Dataset, which provided unmatched accuracy, including names, titles, direct dial phone numbers, verified email addresses and IT intelligence on the profiled companies. Ben-Soshan’s IT sales team now had actionable business intelligence they weren’t previously getting; and with 98% of the email addresses in the datasets verified, and 95% including direct dial numbers, it easily made it the leader in this category. The IT sales team could now act on the data with confidence knowing it was completely refreshed every 90 days.

In addition, by choosing to integrate DiscoverOrg’s data into its CRM system, Correlsense’s inside sales reps were able to get accurate contact data and org chart information on demand. This meant the time saved from not having to bounce back and forth between multiple systems could be used for actual production.

Another advantage Ben-Shoshan’s sales team had using DiscoverOrg was the use of their IT Org Charts. Before DiscoverOrg, Correlsense’s inside sales team would spend hours trying to figure out the landscape and hierarchy of the IT department and who the key IT decision-makers were. “Once we got access to the IT Org Charts in DiscoverOrg we would just pull up the chart, pinpoint our decision-maker, understand how the decision-making hierarchy was laid out and have the person’s direct dial phone number and email – all served up in a matter of seconds,” says Ben-Shoshan.

Correlsense made good use of DiscoverOrg’s live research capability. “One of our favorite things about the DiscoverOrg service is the access to the Live Research Staff. If we’re stuck in a sales process and need to know who someone’s direct manager is or we can’t find the right contact at an account we can reach out to a live researcher in real-time and they’ll get that data for us.” Instead of waiting around and being reactive, the IT sales team was able to be proactive and keep the sales process moving forward.

The Results

After seeing immediate success by setting over 100 unique meetings with DiscoverOrg’s Enterprise Dataset in just two months, Correlsense decided to purchase DiscoverOrg’s Mid-Market dataset. With both datasets accessible to its IT sales team, the results were undeniable, “We ran the numbers on the DiscoverOrg data for our executive team and we found over 600 unique meetings with IT Decision-Makers that tracked back to DiscoverOrg – it has been a huge win for our IT sales team,” says Ben-Shoshan.

With fresh, accurate, and actionable intelligence in hand, Correlsense was armed with the data its IT sales team needed to be more productive. “Over the last year our sales team has more than doubled their efficiency with DiscoverOrg. Getting our sales team the IT Org Charts and constantly verified data on our ideal prospects has given them the ability to effectively prospect into hundreds of Enterprise and Mid-Market accounts,” says Ben-Shoshan.

Correlsense direct selling approach benefited greatly from DiscoverOrg’s IT intelligence. Unlike previously purchased lists and intelligence which provided little more than disconnected numbers, bounded email addresses, and wrong names of IT decision makers, DiscoverOrg gave Correlsense exactly what they needed. Said Ben-Shoshan, “DiscoverOrg gives us the right direct contact information right away.”

Business Benefits

  • Using DiscoverOrg’s Datasets and IT Org Charts, Correlsense set over 600 unique meetings in the first year of service.
  • The IT Org Charts enabled Correlsense’s sales reps to pinpoint the IT decision-makers, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of their direct sale approach.
  • With DiscoverOrg’s Datasets and IT Org Charts, Correlsense’s doubled the efficiency of their inside IT sales team.

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