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The Impact of Data Quality on Email Marketing Success

Salesfolk tests contact data from DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo to discover what matters most when it comes to email performance: quality or quantity.

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30 ways to get inside the mind of your buyer cover

30 Ways To Get Inside The Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that’s what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

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Why B2B Buyers don't buy

Why Didn’t They Buy? A Deep Dive Into Buyer Preferences – And The Implications For Salespeople

Past experiences with salespeople affect buyers a lot - as does the industry and department they work in. DiscoverOrg partnered with sales researcher Steve W. Martin to do a comprehensive study of 230 business decision-makers and got their candid thoughts about how they made their decisions - and why they select the vendors they do.

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2017 Sales Technology Survey & Report

Sales Tech 2017 | Crowd Research Report

To provide deeper insight into the market dynamics for sales technology, Crowd Research Partners conducted an online survey in partnership with the 100,000-member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn to reveal the key challenges, solutions, technology choices, and investment priorities of today’s sales organizations.

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Intelemark Data Comaprison Report | DiscoverOrg v Competitor

Intelemark Data Comparison Study

Many data providers claim to have the "most accurate" or "most actionable" business intelligence on the market. To test our own accuracy claim, Intelemark organized a true A/B test of DiscoverOrg's data vs an industry leading competitor.

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2017 Growth Drivers Report

What does it take to be a high growth company? DiscoverOrg surveyed leaders in sales and marketing about growth at their companies and factors accelerating it or inhibiting it. This report uncovers key commonalities and reveals what it takes to be a high growth company.

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What's the gender Diversity in Executive Sales Roles

Gender Diversity in Sales Organizations: A Wide Gap

The depth of our sales team data enables us to analyze gender diversity statistics across a variety of attributes, and the results highlight the significant gap - and opportunity - that exists for women in the sales industry.

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2016 presidential preferences by department and seniority

DiscoverOrg Election Report

DiscoverOrg’s mission is to continually uncover new insights into what’s on the minds of enterprise decision-makers, so with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to examine the similarities and differences in their political leanings by surveying our database of corporate decision-makers.

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Gender Diversity Report

Ever wondered what the breakdown is of men to women in C-Level roles? Of the 12 most common CXO roles, women represent more than 50% of the hires in only ONE function: Human Resources.

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What does the compensation packages look like for top technology sales executives?

Highest-Paid Technology Sales Executives

They say, "Sales Is Tough." Find out who's at the core of driving growth in the fast-paced, high-demand field of technology sales.

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Fortune 500 Highest Paid CMOs

Fortune 500 Proxy Statements – Which CMOs Make the Most?

Find out which of your Fortune 500 CMO prospects are most highly compensated.

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Highest Paid CIOs 2016 | Discoverorg Report

Fortune 500 Proxy Statements – Which CIOs make the Most?

Ever wondered which one of your CIO prospects are making the most money? Read on for a snapshot of what each senior IT leader’s pay packages is worth, once the salaries, bonuses, stock options and perks are tallied.

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Discoverorg's Report on Fortune 500 CTO & Product Officers

Fastest Growing Tech Companies List of Chief Technology & Product Officers

These CTOs & Product Officers are building applications for their employees and optimizing using tools like Application Management Software. Do you know who the buyers are?

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Heads of Application Development at Fortune 500 Companies | DiscoverOrg Report

Fortune 500 Heads of Application Development

The Heads of App Dev at Fortune 500 companies will purchase billions of dollars worth of hardware, software, and services this year. Do you know who the buyers are?

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Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing Study by DiscoverOrg

Outbound Marketing Study

How are companies actually using outbound marketing? DiscoverOrg surveyed sales and marketing professionals from B2B organizations about their current marketing strategies.

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Fortune 500 Chief Information Security Officer List

Did you know that only 204 companies in the Fortune 500 even have an employee with the title of Chief Information Security Officer?

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2015 Report on Sales Technology Report

TOPO 2015 Sales Development Technology Report

Sales development has evolved from a "nice-to-have" function to a mission critical piece of every high growth company's revenue pipeline.

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TOPO Case Study on Cloudera

TOPO Case Report: Cloudera | Account Based Sales Development

Successful outbound enterprise outreach requires a standardized, repeatable process that can deliver buyer-centric messaging at scale.

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2015 B2B Lead Generation Report

2015 B2B Lead Generation Trends Report

Learn what B2B marketing and sales professionals are saying about lead generation in 2015.

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Technology Purchasing Report

How Technology-Purchasing Decisions Are Really Made

This new report helps B2B marketing and sales pros understand how purchase decisions help companies achieve ROI.

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Product Review DiscoverOrg

FreePint Product Review of DiscoverOrg

FreePint explores the value behind DiscoverOrg's database in this in-depth product.

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