CXO Dataset

Looking to hone in on the key stakeholder and close the deal in record time?

Today it’s rare to find a lone decision maker at a company. CEOs want multiple stakeholders to buy-in on big purchases resulting in the average purchase requiring agreement from 5.4 stakeholders at an organization.

The Ultimate Decision Maker

Sales and marketing prospecting efforts must break into the “inner-circle” of executives to fast-track purchasing decisions. DiscoverOrg’s CXO dataset profiles people with a “Chief” title – ensuring the ability to connect with executive staff.

The CXO Dataset provides the ability to identify and engage with ALL the key stakeholders involved in a purchase. On average, customers need to involve and get consensus from decision makers located globally, or certainly in multiple offices. The challenge of overcoming consensus today is not only doing a better job of connecting with individual stakeholders, it’s also succeeding in connecting those individual stakeholders to each other. A majority of deals are lost because salespeople are often dependent on lower-level contacts who can’t get you in front of the senior decision maker.

Growth of C-Suite Structure

Over the last 20 years, the number of executives reporting directly to the CEO has doubled from 5 to 10. The DiscoverOrg CXO Dataset is for companies providing products or services requiring buy-in from multiple Chief Executives across various departments. Like the executives commonly found on a company’s executive leadership webpage, our CXO Dataset profiles the most influential decision makers such as the CEO, President, CIO, COO, CFO, and CMO.

Grow Better Relationships with Executives Through Actionable Business Intelligence

Build relationships with C-level executivesEstablish a Peer Dynamic

Using in-depth intelligence gives sales reps the ability to approach C-level execs as a peer and marketers insight on the type of content creation and thought leadership that will resonate.

Position products and services across departmentsConnect on Business Solutions

By understanding each stakeholder’s responsibilities, experience, and priorities, sales and marketing teams have the insight needed to offer and effectively position solutions to match prospects needs – across various departments.

Approach sales confidently with accurate business intelligenceLead Masterful Conversations

Robust business intelligence provides actionable intel on upcoming projects, leadership changes, technology stack, and best-fit prospects so that lead generation efforts focused on executives are approached with confidence.

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© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved