Finance Dataset

Finance organizations are notoriously difficult to navigate. Instead of spending hours searching for the right contacts or trying to work around gatekeepers, sales reps need a Finance Dataset that delivers clear and up-to-date sales intelligence.

Comprehensive Finance Sales Intelligence

DiscoverOrg is more than a basic contact list for finance vendors – it’s a comprehensive contact database for key decision makers in the finance departments of the world’s most prospected organizations.

DiscoverOrg’s Finance Dataset profiles the finance department of Fortune 1000, Forbes 400, and S&P 500 companies. Looking for contact data for the Director of Financial Planning at one of the biggest names in aerospace? DiscoverOrg’s platform can help sales teams find the right contact and determine which financial reporting systems they currently use.

Verified by a team of in-house data analysts, our Finance Dataset profiles:

  • CFOs
  • Corporate controllers
  • Directors of financial planning & analysis
  • Other finance function decision makers

Key Advantages of DiscoverOrg’s Finance Dataset

Reduced Research Time

discoverorg_reduced-prospect-research-timeOur in-house team of researchers provides accurate, up-to-date finance sales intelligence that is verified every 60 days. Our analysts conduct all of the background work for you, arming you with direct-dial phone numbers and constantly verified email addresses for top finance execs, from CFOs to other finance team members who influence purchase decisions.

Improved Visibility Into Organizations

discoverorg improved visibility into organizationsDiscoverOrg Finance Dataset includes organizational charts that paint a clear picture of companies’ internal structures. Maybe the HR & Benefits department has 3:1 ratio of analysts to payables staff. That’s information you need to know. Or maybe you’re looking for a senior financial analyst with specific responsibilities at a midsize company. Our Finance Dataset gives you the information you need – job descriptions, responsibilities and contact data for the people who matter in the prospect companies’ finance organizations.

Real-Time Insights

discoverorg real time insightsIn competitive sales environments, knowing when to act is half the battle. Triggers and insights (delivered via email) alert you when it’s the right time to engage prospects and qualified leads based on their current spending priorities. Our weekly Triggers blog provides even more information about opportunities that are happening right now in finance organizations at top companies.

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© 2017 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved