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Selling to sales people is hard. Perhaps more than any other buyer, this prospect requires sellers to be sophisticated and do their homework in advance so that they are knowledgeable of current pain points, existing tech stack, and how the product or service in question can actually help.

One false move and the seasoned sales executive on the other end of the pitch will call your bluff, delete your email, or end the call without a second of hesitation. It’s like trying to cook for chefs…

The Sales Dataset was developed first as “DiscoverOrg for DiscoverOrg” – an internal initiative to help our sales team sell to sales professionals. Since rolling out to our team, it has helped fuel our growth, improved our game, and had a major impact on our success.

Now, we are opening up that same great data to our current (and future) customers in order to help them achieve and accelerate their own growth.

Reach Decision-Makers Within the Sales Department

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Reaching the right decision-makers in sales departments is often not as straightforward as other departments. Due to the nature of their work, titles might not reflect the true reporting structure.

For example, what appears on a public profile or even a signature, is not necessarily an accurate representation for how high up the org chart a sales representative sits or their purchase authority. However, that doesn’t mean the individual rep or sales organization as a whole doesn’t have a sphere of influence.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Whether via an account-based sales development strategy or cross-functional approach to convince sales decision-makers  that your product could help their marketing counterparts generate more leads, the influence of sales is far-reaching. You just have to know how to work it, and work it well.

That’s where the Sales Dataset comes to play. Complete with curated sales intelligence uncovered by DiscoverOrg’s in-house research team, the actual organizational charts are updated at least every 90 days, sales technology stacks are defined, and accurate contact info, including direct-dial and email addresses, is provided to ensure your team isn’t wasting time spinning the wrong message to the wrong people.

We’re the only intelligence provider contractually guaranteeing 95% accuracy. And, those are just some of the features included in every DiscoverOrg dataset.

Supercharge the Sales Process

discoverorg real time insightsSales departments are becoming technology buying centers and beginning to rival their marketing and IT counterparts in terms of their purchasing power. According to TOPO, high-growth sales dev teams now have an average of 5 applications in their tech stack, with advanced organizations leveraging closer to 10.

Sales organizations are investing in technology with the following objectives:

  1. Improve direct connectivity to potential buyers
  2. Improve sales team productivity and reduce non-selling time
  3. Enable and train junior sellers filling inside sales and sales development roles with less than two years’ experience and high turnover
  4. Leverage data to create more targeted and personalized messaging to  customers and prospects, especially in the context of account-based everything strategies
  5. Track digital footprints of potential buyers and provide  sales personnel intel on when a prospect is primed to make a purchase
  6. Use software to enable the management of a high volume of people and interactions
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© 2018 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved