Startup & SMB Dataset

If hunting for best-fit startups and small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) is like finding needles in a haystack, the Startup & SBM Dataset is a giant pile of needles. It’s as detailed and deep as our Mid-market and Enterprise datasets – and it’s getting bigger every day.

DiscoverOrg’s Startup and SMB dataset includes over 60,000 companies with more than 400,000 contacts across all key lines of business, and over 6,000 research-verified buying triggers per month. The dataset has quadrupled in size over the past year, and we are adding to it every day.

While there are millions of registered companies in the US, the difficulty is identifying and gathering intelligence on the small percentage of these companies who are 1) legitimate entities and 2) have true spend / budget. By continuously verifying contact info, conducting interviews, and engaging in research activities, DiscoverOrg overcomes the shortcomings of web-scraping for hard-to-find data on the SMB space, ensuring that the intelligence customers receive is highly relevant and immediately useful.

The Startup & SMB Dataset Advantage

Surface Hard-To-Find Buying Triggers

uncover buying opportunties with DiscoverOrg triggersYou’ve probably had experience with SMB lists full of irrelevant contacts, companies, and incomplete and duplicate records. New projects and initiatives are always emerging and beginning, and people change roles often. Without media coverage or press releases, almost none of this small-business data is made available to the public.

Human-Verification: Your Competitive Advantage

Accurate sales intelligence verified by DiscoverOrg human researchersBy continuously verifying contact info, conducting interviews, and performing offline research, DiscoverOrg’s team of 250+ researchers evade the shortcomings of companies that rely on web-scraping so that you can find the scoop on the startups and SMBs you’re looking for.

Connect with Decision-Makers Only

Connect with Decision Makers in SMB Organizations with DiscoverOrg's Small to Midsize Business Dataset
The majority of the dataset is comprised of decision makers: 62% are in mid-level or senior leadership across all lines of business – including IT, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, HR, Finance, and Operations. No mom-and-pop shops, multiple entries for franchise locations, or shuttered businesses here.

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© 2017 DiscoverOrg, All Rights Reserved