Technology, Engineering, Design, and Development (TEDD) Dataset

Given the high visibility and bottom line impact of what they create – coupled with the growth of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine technology (M2M), Big Data, and the ever increasing prominence of digitized technology in our daily lives – those who work in the technology, engineering, design, or development functions of product development have broader influence than ever when it comes to purchasing decisions. As these departments continue to grow in both influence, size, and purchasing budgets, so too does the complexity of their structure and hierarchy. In addition, this growth has also caused a widening division between the external product focused teams (TEDD) and the internal facing IT department, which works to ensure that the platforms and technologies that support the entire company are functioning at optimal levels.

Today, selling to these teams isn’t just a matter of knowing who the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO) are – it’s about understanding each company’s unique hierarchy, departmental responsibilities, and spending priorities within them. DiscoverOrg’s TEDD dataset will not only help to navigate through these departments’ organizational charts and find the right decision makers but also support lead generation efforts with actionable sales intelligence. With this information at your fingertips, crafting the perfect message to showcase your product’s ability to meet the prospect’s unique pain point is much more efficient and the result more effective.

Intelligent Data for Selling to Product Development Professionals

Have you ever tried to find the person who leads technology focused product development at a company? With widely varying titles, which didn’t exist a mere two years ago and/or don’t accurately convey what their role or level of influence are, it can be quite a challenge to effectively reach these decision-makers.

The TEDD Dataset does the hard work of making sense of this emerging sector. DiscoverOrg’s in-house research team hand-verifies contact data to ensure accuracy as well as uncovers buying opportunities triggered by leadership changes and project initiatives. Profiled professional titles include: CTO, CIO, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, VP of Software Engineering, VP of Product Engineering, VP of Development Operations, VP of Product Development, and more.

TEDD Dataset: The DiscoverOrg Advantage

Comprehensive Coverage

comprehensive coverage discoverorgThe TEDD Dataset offers company insight, reporting structures, and the hand-verified contact information of executive-level buyers of companies who work on consumer-facing external technologies, products, or services such as software-hardware development. Some examples of companies profiled in this dataset are Intel® and®.

Organizational Visibility

improved visibility discoverorgSome prospect’s contact info is easier to find than others via web scraping and data lists. Beyond the fact that contact databases using those methods often contain inaccurate data that hasn’t been verified, they can only parse together what’s been published on the web. Not many engineers and high level personnel, such as CIOs, maintain a public presence through common professional networking platforms, used as sales and marketing research tools, like LinkedIn.

Purchase Intent

purchase intent discoverorgDiscoverOrg’s TEDD dataset showcases the projects and spending initiatives that are currently being evaluated by product development execs. Whether the prospect is seeking solutions to enable the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine integrations, or otherwise accelerate technology product development – you’ll know about it ahead of the competition. With an estimated $4.6 Trillion opportunity in the public sector alone over the coming decade, the possibilities are expansive.

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