Customer Satisfaction

Coachin Culture: Growing Roots by David Sill

Coaching Culture: Putting Down Roots

Coaching is absolutely clutch. It’s gotta be there. It can’t take days off. It requires executive level sponsorship and involvement.

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G2 Crowd Most Reviewed Product - DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg, One of G2 Crowd’s Most-Reviewed Products of 2015

“We are thrilled about the reviews we received on G2 Crowd. It reinforces how many customers love our platform,” says DiscoverOrg CEO Henry Schuck.

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DiscoverOrg Customer Success Drives Revenue

Your Customer Success Team: Useless Caboose or Recurring Revenue Engine?

Turning the corner from “account management” to “customer success” is a formidable challenge.

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DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence | Company Growth

DiscoverOrg’s People & Culture: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

From a 2,000 sq. ft. office to a 27,000 sq. ft. office in less than 7 years, we always knew that we were going to build a great company, but we’re all floored at how quickly it happened.

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DiscoverOrg | Perspective on Past, Present, & Future

DiscoverOrg’s Sales Intelligence: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

In 2007, we began a data revolution. We saw a need for high-quality data intelligence in the IT sales market, and we delivered.

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Boaz Blog DiscoverOrg

Guest Blog From Boaz Amidor: How to Fight High Churn Rates

Lowering your churn rate will help your business become more successful. You will place less of a burden on the sales team to find new clients if you can hold on to the ones you already have. A 2011 survey by Pacific Crest suggests that about 70% of SaaS companies maintain annual churn rates of

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Sales Growth DiscoverOrg

Great Growth and the Secret Sauce

DiscoverOrg’s datasets now include profiles of nearly 18,000 organizations including direct contact information for over 370,000 executives and decision makers. Being able to announce great growth numbers is like tasting your auntie’s secret sauce: you’re going to want more, and you’ll want to know how it is made. And that is where we find ourselves

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G2 Crowd Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

Nailing Our Spot at the Top of the Sales Tools- DiscoverOrg Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

This week DiscoverOrg wants to reach out and extend a HUGE thank you to our loyal customers and everyone who has been a part of our continuous growth year after year. We are overwhelmed by the response of our customers, and are excited to announce that we have been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for

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Love and Accolades

Every day at DiscoverOrg we enjoy hearing from you, our happy customers about your experiences; we love to document your achievements and how we helped you reach your goals. We love our customers and we love to hear how much you love us, too. Recently, DiscoverOrg has been nominated for the 2013 Top Sales &

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2013 Tech 200 Winner DiscoverOrg

How IT Sales Intelligence Provider DiscoverOrg was Named No. 18 on the 2013 Tech 200 List of Fastest-Growing Tech Companies from Lead411

How do you achieve rapid growth in the information technology industry when you’re smack-dab in the middle of a slow growing economy?  You do it by helping the top IT vendors grow their business with superior IT sales and marketing intelligence. While that’s true, it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for. It’s inevitable that

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